Custom Creativity for Hire

by Lindsey Evans
This past week I had the pleasure of working with a client who is revamping her work-from-home style. She has quite and unusual profession as a sex and intimacy coach. Hmmm what would I want to wear every day as a sex and intimacy coach I thought? I instantly went soft and luxury with cashmere and knits. She loved what I selected but surprised me when she showed me this show stopping piece by Ronny Kobo called the Nieve Bodysuit

A previous design, the “You Wish” Bodysuit
“I love how nostalgic it is, but it's kind of stupid expensive.” Right then my costume design brain turned on and I said, "I could make this for you." To which I received a text back “OMG YASSSS!” I went on, "I’ll procure a vintage option and then upcycle it with rhinestones.” I happened to already have theses rhinestones as I’m what my husband calls a, "craft hoarder.” Instantly, I turned to Poshmark to find the perfect leotard that wasn’t sheer or a turtleneck, had velvet etc. Finally, I found two gorgeous options and ordered both deciding if I like doing this maybe I’ll continue to make them. The result was the design evolved, as I didn’t want it to be a direct copy, and I actually love it even more. More importantly my client loves it!
Check out our many custom pieces and inquire here if you’d like one of the new bodysuits, want a custom piece of some kind etc! Here’s a sneak peak below!

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