About Curated Classix

Curated Classix is an online boutique offering one-of-a-kind vintage clothing that is curated, sourced, altered, designed, customized and upcycled by celebrity wardrobe stylist Lindsey Nolan. Lindsey has worked in the fashion and entertainment industry since 2010. While she was based in Los Angeles, her work as a stylist allowed her the opportunity to travel the world for various jobs gaining exposure to various cultures, trends, international fashion week invites and building relationships with industry heavy hitters. She gained her costume design education and customization technique background working on endless music videos and prepping various celebrity performance costumes like those of Taylor Swift, The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Katy Perry, Muse and many more!
Curated Classix was born out of Lindsey's years of experience as a costume designer and stylist. So much of what stylists do is create custom pieces for their clients. In creating Curated Classix, Lindsey wanted to marry the idea of bringing the unique, customized, one-of-a-kind pieces, often seen on celebrities, with an LA cool, street style aesthetic of vintage upcycling at an accessible price point to the every day customer.
Thank you, everyone, for your support during the launch of my boutique. It's something I truly believe in and have put all the blood, sweat and tears you can ever imagine into. All those years of obsessing over the placement of rhinestones and epaulets on four way stretch have paid off and, ultimately, led me to where I am now. I'm so happy to create pieces that I've only dreamt of finding at this price point. That being said, Curated Classix is a boutique concept and not a mass market idea. Every single piece I've collected has been carefully selected for you and is special to me in some way as it represents an element of my creativity or my artistic insanity... you be the judge :)
Additionally, each piece is thoughtfully styled to show our customer the coolest ways to wear Curated Classix. I've found in my years as a stylist that it's often the vintage pieces that take outfits from good to amazing. Just look at The Olsens! Yet many people resist buying vintage either because they don't know how to find good things or simply don't know how to incorporate vintage pieces into their modern wardrobe. Curated Classix bridges that gap and provides awesome vintage pieces while also showing customers my styling direction.
Please know that at Curated Classix I'm always looking forward toward whats next for our customer. Trend spotting is my way of life and I intend to bring my customers the best of the best fashion forward options to shop!  I simply hope you love what I've created as much as I do.
Happy shopping! 
xoxo Lino