Curated Closets: Personal Styling Menu


Chat to discuss your personal style objectives. This service provides the opportunity to review your likes and dislikes, favorite silhouettes and a bit about your lifestyle. Talking to the team will help them assess which services might be most beneficial to you and, most importantly, how to make the most of your styling budget! (Complimentary! 30 Minutes) 


After your Style Consultation, we can create a style guide specifically for you based on your personal style goals. The stylebook will take you through your best colors, fits, sizes, outfit pairings, trends and inspirational images. We will categorize your stylebook based on your lifestyle needs. For example, if you like to have options for going out at night there would be a section for “Date Night” with different wardrobe suggestions, colors and images. The stylebook is a great resource to use as a guide to help you shop on your own!


Maximize your closet space with different organizational techniques. The team will fully re-organize your closet by item and color. Organizer storage and identical hanger installation is available as an optional add on! The team will conduct a wardrobe evaluation to determine which garments to retire, which can still be styled and which pieces need to be altered. Editing one’s closet is essential to those clients who are looking to maintain the functionality of their wardrobe. Our team facilitates removal of retired clothing. 


Not in the market for more clothes but still want a new look? We will help you assess your best existing pieces to create a new signature look. From there, we will create new pairings out of everything you already own! The fun part is having your own personalized "fitting" where we will take photos of you in each look so you have a catalog of what was paired together in your Stylebook once the service is complete. This service is a great option for the client who wants to assess their missing wardrobe essentials and create a shopping list for the future. The Closet Shopping Service is a favorite among many as we provide suggestions to maximize your wardrobe potential!


For the fashion conscious client, the wardrobe update will keep your style looking current by incorporating the latest trends that work exclusively for you. A great option for those who want to spruce up their fall/spring wardrobe each season! We shop our favorites pieces given the current season and trends, especially handpicked for you, and brought to you in the comfort of your home! After you’ve made your selections we will style the new pieces with your existing wardrobe to create several variations of complete head-to-toe looks, maximizing your style potential! These newly styled looks will be included in your personal Stylebook making getting ready everyday effortless. Should there be any fit issues (like a new pant that needs hemming etc.) Lindsey will have alterations made by her favorite tailors in the city and delivered to your door upon completion!


Need a completely new look? This is the perfect service for the client who wants to express him/herself in a new light. We will shop (with you or for you) to create a cohesive new look, presenting the best possible version of you! This service combines many of the services previously mentioned. The Wardrobe Makeover also allows clients to see new places to shop and learn which products are the best quality for them to buy. A very popular service among those going through lifestyle changes such as starting a new job or being a new parent etc.


We are happy to do personal shopping for any last minute wardrobe needs, the perfect birthday gift, chic luggage before a big trip etc. For the client who needs gifting, we will source, purchase, wrap, and have gifts delivered to your door or theirs. A painless way to get you (and your loved ones) what you need when you don't have time to shop! Email us now to discuss your shopping list!